Transdev Urbain Pays Basque (TUPB) is a subsidiary of the Transdev group responsible for running the HEGOBUS urban passenger transport network on behalf of the Basque Country Urban Community under an eight-year Public Service Delegation Contract (DSP) (2016-2024).

Urban Public Transport is a public service and organizing it is therefore the responsibility of local communities. The land covered by these local communities constitutes the territorial jurisdiction served by the network.



The Basque Country Urban Community includes, over the southern area, the localities of Ahetze, Ainhoa, Arbonne, Ascain, Biriatou, Ciboure, Guéthary, Hendaye, Saint Jean de Luz, Saint Pée sur Nivelle, Sare and Urrugne, that is an area of 270 km².

The spirit of partnership between TUPB and the Basque Country Urban Community led to the new HEGOBUS network from 1st September 2016. HEGOBUS now offers the 64,863 people who live in the southern area of the Basque Country:


11 bus lines

1 Transport on Request service

1 Transport service for Persons with Reduced Mobility

School transport routes


Transdev Urbain Pays Basque has a staff of 31 including 25 drivers and one business adviser, enabling it to offer a quality service every day.

The vehicles are equipped with access ramps for persons with reduced mobility, and audio and visual notification of stops on board the vehicles. They offer a comfortable, friendly and high-tech journey experience.